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 Special Offer ...

Limited Time Offer for 3 & 4 Bedroom Villas.

£495 (normally £795) or $800 or €600

Payable in 4 quarterly installments - a massive discount.

For 5 to 7 bedroom villas

£595 (normally £795) or $950 or €750

Considering one additional booking brought about by the quality of our websites could cover the cost of your website, the payback being almost instant, thereafter, it becomes a revenue generating asset. How will my website investment payback?

Condo, townhouse and apartment owners please contact us with your property details for reduced rates.


Our award winning Elegance website package includes:

  • Technologically advanced features only found on the most expensive sites: 100% dynamic generated XHTML, flash effects on every page, W3C web and disability compliant
  • A web design template which scores over 90% on the Neilson usability test ... in short your potential customers will spend time looking around your site instead of moving onto your competitors
  • Choose your own unique world wide address (e.g. www.your-choice.com) and use as many email addresses as you require e.g. anything@your-choice.com
  • A comprehensive 25+ page site offering a well balanced presentation of your villa which will allow potential customers to quickly access the key information they require on your villa (e.g. key features, gallery, instant quote) but will also allow them to browse in more detail where required (e.g. layout with room selection, facilities and equipment, faqs etc.). Everything they need to complete a booking is at their fingertips, villa details, availability, prices, on-line booking and instant secure deposit payment.
  • Your own personal owner's control areas where you can instantly control prices, booking terms, availability, offers, testimonials etc. All the main pages will have flash headings and you can select your own unique messages if required.
  • For a full list of features please visit our features page

In addition to these standard features:

  • We will instruct you how to set-up secure automatic credit card payment facilities which will increase the service you offer the customer and can lead to bookings which may have gone to competitors offering a similar service
  • We will allow you to request unlimited changes to the web site ongoing (e.g. improved pictures, and modifications to text etc.) which we will make live within 24hrs of receipt of changes for the period of your contract. It is important to realize that your web site requires to be constantly kept up-to-date ... not something that many web development companies offer
  • We will incorporate XHTML coding in each and every page to enable your site to become known to all the popular search engines thus increasing visitors to your website
  • We promise to have the first draft of your web site live for your viewing in one week (following receipt of your villa information and pictures)
  • We will give you the benefit of our experience by supplying our 'Marketing your Villa on the Internet' pack. Customers who have followed advice have seen significant improvement in their level of enquiries
  • We will supply you with comprehensive on-line weekly site statistics to enable you to measure who visited your site, where they came from, what they looked at etc.
  • We are also continuing to develop our product and any new features will be made available to you as part of the package.

We request £195/$375 deposit on ordering followed by a further 3 quarterly payments of £200/$375. The first year's price incorporates a years hosting and maintenance etc. Each subsequent year costs £195/$375 payable in advance which cover the cost of continued hosting, maintenance, (we believe that a web site is ever evolving and encourage our customers to make as many updated to text and pictures as required) and on-line weekly comprehensive site statistics.

how will my website investment payback?

When you buy an Elite web site you are investing in hundreds of researched techniques which will significantly increase your occupancy rates and provide competitive advantage (over an average site) both now and in the future.

Owning a rental property is likely one of the largest investment decisions you will make in your lifetime and you need to achieve your required occupancy targets to cover those ongoing running costs. For the majority of rental owners their website becomes their ‘digital salesperson’ and the audience they reach and conversion rates that your website achieves becomes a critical factor in the success or otherwise of your investment.

With your Elite site as your 'digital salesperson' you will achieve three distinct competitive advantages over your competitors:

convert more enquiries to sales

It is a well documented fact that the majority of web sites have appallingly low conversion rates ...typically a few percent. In other words, the majority of sites are not meeting their customer's needs. Research has also shown that a staggering 70 percent of customers who show up on a web site with intention to buy fail to complete the sale. We prefer to see these statistics as a huge opportunity for you whereby a very small movement in a sites ability to convert prospective buyers can significantly increase your conversion rate above an average site.

Conversions increase when visitors achieve their goals. We understand the consumer psychology which pulls your customers along the path they need to complete their goals (and importantly yours). This is not just a few tips and tricks rather it encompasses hundreds of researched techniques (practiced by the leading e-tailers like Amazon and Dell) which understand the most effective, layout, font, colour, sentence structure, words etc. to maintain the momentum of customer initial interest through to a sale. This is based on the established marketing fundamental that: no detail is too small, everything on your web site either detracts or adds from its ability to convert your traffic.

By way of simple example, a 'comic sans' font used in emails has been proven in studies to lead to 30 percent more conversions than other type faces since consumers feel a conversational, friendly tone and it's a well established fact that people are more likely to buy from someone they like. It will come as no surprise then that the professional email generation facility (available from your on-line owner's area) are all generated in comic sans.

reach a wider audience

Elite sites are designed to reach a wider audience than your competitors which will automatically increase conversion rates.

Many sites unwittingly exclude large percentages of potential customers through lack of accessibility and usability standards. By way of simple example, 14 percent of your potential customers have some form of minor disability which present problems when navigating a web site (e.g. color blindness, poor sight or inability to use a mouse device). That is a large percentage of users to ignore if your site is not designed to cater for their needs.

Our sites are designed from the ground up to offer accessibility to users with disabilities including: text only versions of every page (commonly only found on large sites such as bbc.co.uk); full access key control i.e. the site is fully operational without a mouse; user local browser control over text size etc.

invest for the future

If you don't buy into a web site with a technology and features upgrade path then your site will be out-of-date and losing sales within a very short space of time.

When you buy an Elite web site you are not only investing in the present but also the future. Technologies on the internet are changing rapidly ... such that a site built on leading technologies two years ago will look jaded and unappealing by comparison to today's available technologies and features which your customers will demand.

Elite are constantly researching and introducing new features and technologies to improve the presentation and conversion rate on for your rental property ... your success after all drives ours.